To display a Text message in the dash board based on the Variance




To display a Text message in the dash board (Separate Grid not part of the line item) based on the Variance (If it is 0 to display message like " No Difference", If it is 1 " Need to take corrective action" )

 Kindly Suggest on the same.





  • Niranth

    Hi @usha.cherukuri ,


    You can't add formula for text in Dashboard.

    Alternatively you can add formula for a line item and publish it to the dashboard using "Publish Selected Line item to Dashboard" option.


    Hope this helps.

  • Hi @Niranth ,


    Attached the document with detailed screen shots for your reference.


    Kindly check on it and suggest on the same.






  • @usha.cherukuri 


    I would recommend creating a new list called something like, 'variance message,' and populate it with as many members as you have potential messages calling each a number, such as 1, 2, 3 etc.

    Using this new list create a new module containing one text formatted line item. For each number in the variance message list write the desired message. We will use this module to map the text across into the target module.


    In your target module containing the variance calculations create a line item which queries the variance result and returns the desired number relative such as 1 for 'no difference,' 2 for 'corrective action required.' Call this line item variance message code. These should correspond with the line item contents in your variance message module created earlier. 


    In the variance message line item in the target use the following formula


    =variance message module.variance message[SELECT:variance message list.variance message code]