Flagging Non zero , number formatted line item


Hi All,


I have a number formatted line item, i want to flag this field in another text formatted line item.

saying its " error in value" else " No error", based on blank or non blank of first line item.





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  • hari.prasad
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    (Only if required) Use TEXT() function to convert number to text in your formula, to validate your required condition


    Otherwise, I agree with Bram & Niranth.


  • Niranth

    Hi @MadhabikaM ,


    You can use the formula "<> 0" and achieve your results.

  • Hi Madhu,

    Number formatted line items cannot be blank. They always have an integer as value. If 0 is an 'incorrect' integer in your case, then indeed the answer of Niranth IF ... = 0 THEN "Error in Value" ELSE "No Error" is correct
  • Niranth

    Hi @hari.prasad 


    There is no requirement to convert the values into text, You can directly refer the 'number formatted line item' and use the condition =(equal) or <> (not equal). 

    I'm suggesting this because converting numbers to text will all another additional layer of calculation and is not best practice.