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It would be really useful if there was a way to export all Saved Views present in a model - currently, they can be viewed in the Contents Panel on the left side of the Anaplan window, but text can not be copied from that section.


There is also the Contents area of the Model Settings that is able to be copied and has an export button, but the Saved Views do not appear in either of those places. (Screenshot attached). 


I think a 'Saved View' tab within the Contents area of the Model Settings would do the job nicely - similarly to how the 'Modules' area has a tab for 'Line Items'.


Screenshot - can not export list of Saved Views.png

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  • Agreed.  It will be nice to have "Saved Views" detail in a separate column in the MODEL SETTINGS ---> MODULES (similar to used in dashboards, referenced by etc.)

  • Miran
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  • Exporting of saved views by module would be an excellent improvement. In general though, view management is a larger and more general pain-point. It would be ideal if in addition to exporting, the platform could provide us with details for each view. For example, saved view 1 is used in action "x" and action "y", and is applied in dashboard "z". This is beneficial because we often have to clean up models with a proliferation of views and actions, mostly old and unused. The only way to do this currently is to export the contents of 'Import Data Sources'  into excel, and search the appropriate column for the view of interest. And this must be repeated for every view in the model to ensure a robust clean-up. This is manual and error prone. 


    Having saved view information easily accessible in the platform will make model cleanup and support more efficient and reduce the number of application defects reported internally for our customers by supporting model builders making fewer errors. 

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