conditional formatting based on text value

Hi All,

I have a text formatted line item which gives me the text message "Error" or "No error" based on condition satisfied.


I want to color all the row having message "Error" as light yellow and "No Error" as light green.





  • Hi Madhabika,

    Create a line item called Error Color with this formula



    IF Error text = "Error" THEN -5 ELSE IF Error text = "No Error" THEN 5 ELSE 0



    Then in the conditional formatting options, use these settings:



    Hope this helps!




  • It would be better from a memory perspective to use a formatted list for Error and Non Error. List formatted line item use half as much space and a lot less memory. If you set the code of the list to be the number you want to use for the conditional formatting, you could use a code(line item)) to return the number
  • @MadhabikaM 

    As you mentioned Yellow and Green Combination, go with 2Color scale format (Green - Yellow). We don't have Yellow White Green combo in 3color scale.