Filtered list doesn't show all level of hierarchy




I've created a filter using a list. Set it up as a boolean to only show products that I want to see. 


Issue is when I apply the filter i see the correct list - not the parents. I can't select the parents only the children. 


Any idea on what I'm missing. 

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  • DavidSmith
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    Summary options for booleans default to None

    Try setting that to ANY and the parents will show



  • HI @hinamahmood1994,

    If you want to see the above level hierarchy please change the summary of the Boolean formatted line item to "All" or "Any".

    "All" - The parent will be seen only if all the child are ticked.

    "Any" - The parent will be seen if any one of its child is ticked.

    I hope this helps.




  •  Thank you both! That did the trick 🙂 

  • Hi All,

    This certainly did the trick. However, I am using the Boolean the filter to select only few child items and the parent total is not the actual total of the selected child item, rather the total of all the child items. Any suggestions just to obtain the total of the selected items..
  • HI @Asslam,

    In the line item(Or create a new line item) put a condition saying "If Boolean then Data else 0". Now the total should match with the selected children.

    I hope this helps.



  • Hi @kavinkumar , Thanks for the tip, it did the trick.


    However, I had build multiple views with different filter to build different dashboard reports.Therefore, with this approach I don't think I would be able use this IF condition as this would not work with my different views. When I write the IF condition and select the boolean then my line item becomes specific to the single sections.