Dynamic List Management Access


Being an Anaplan user, I would like to dynamically set list management access without admin license.


Similarly to WorkFlow and DCA, it would be great to have an ability to dynamically limit add/delete/copy actions on the list for the users, who have write access to it.


As per now, taking, for example, Workflow:


Imagine we Have simple hierarchy Customer->Activities. 

Activities is and open for management list. People are allowed to create and manage activities list.

Imagine we would like to freeze numbers for submission. Taking workflow, it will lock all inputs fields per activity, which is great. However, I can still create new activities. Moreover, I can DELETE existing. Or Create a copy of existing, and thus, change numbers. Exactly this part should be blocked.


As per now, taking, for example, DCA. We can limit input fields by it. Bu we still can delete (for that there is a workaround to perform deletion by tick-box, that can be limited). But copy still works. And it ignores DCA, meaning there is still a way how to change locked numbers in total.


Proposal: Dynamic List Write Access


Benefit: allow to save frozen picture of numbers, based on dynamically updated list, by blocking list items management. 

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  • Miran
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  • Agree. Currently, we cannot stop in any way a user from deleting an element on which he/she has access to and in a dashboard where the user has activated the menu for deleting elements. 


    It would be really useful to have a functionality similar to DCA that blocks/allow a user to delete an element from a list. 

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