Summary Default to None for Numeric Line Items

Can the default Summary for numeric line items be None rather than Sum. This way it's a conscious action to turn the sum on, rather than a need to remember to turn them off.
I know there's another post to have this an option that can be set by each module, which would be advanced, but I continue to hear about sums being off as best practice so why not have it built into the product to be off.
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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • I would argue that having the ability to set a default for an entire model would be even better then by module. Heck a hierarchy of defaults.

    All models are set to default none for all summaries and line item type, then you the ability to set the default by module to whatever variation of sum or line item that works if it is different from the model (as line items are created they can start for example as boolean, all) and then the selected line item overwrites whatever the default option is.

    I am actually going to add this as an entirely separate idea/post.

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