How do I create an average that will exclude zeros?


How can I do an average on numbers and exclude the zeros? For example, Year 1 = 10, Year 2 = 0, Year 3 = 4, therefore if ignore Year 2, average is 7 (and not 14 divided by 3)?

Best Answer

  • Mark_W_Shemaria
    You will need to have an additional line item(s) which "filter" out the zeros and count the non zeros. Anaplan's average function will not natively exclude zeros in calculating the sum of items / number of items in the list(s).


  • 1) Create a "Count" Line Item formatted as a Number

    2) Formula = IF (line item) = 0 then 1 else 0 --> this will make a count for the denominator for the average. 

    3) Create a line item for the calculation, here the Ratio summary can be used or the Sum of  Values / Count