Filter Anaplan dashboard "views" to only show specific a year, depending on the "Version" selected.


Hi there


Is there an easy way to filter Anaplan dashboard "views" to only show a specific year, depending on the "Version" selected?


Our organisation works on a calendar year and within our Anaplan model are concurrently working on both our:


1. 2019 Q4 Forecast (version = Forecast)  

2. 2020 Annual Budget (version = Future Budget)


All our dashboard views are currently filtering on "Current Year Months " (i.e Jan-Dec 2019).


Rather than have to create a separate set of dashboard views for version "Future Budget" version (Jan-Dec 2020"), is there a way dashboard view can alter the time period according to the "version" selected?


Our current workaround is to either:


A. Create a 2nd set of all dashboard views to cater specifically for "Future Budget" (Jan-Dec 2020). - which would be very time consuming.


B. Unfilter each dashboard view (i.e. unfilter "Current Year Months") when entering data for 2020 in "Future Budget", which needs to be performed each time a dashboard view is accessed for "future Budget, which is time consuming.


Can you please advise if there is a solution for this in an upcoming release?





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