Level 1 Model Building : Question on DATA01 Module


This question concerns part 11 of the Level 1 Model Building in Activity "Create a profit and loss model". I have a big import problem for the P&L+Actuals+&+Budget.csv because beyond the Actual,UK,Utilities line, nothing goes beyond that in the import (i.e. 2/3 of the data is missing in the import). I checked the validity of the data, the mapping and nothing solves my question. Has anyone encountered a similar problem and would they know how to help me?

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  • usman.zia
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    Hi @edgar.minault 


    The module for the data that is imported should have the following dimensions:

    DAT01 P&L Actuals and Budget Dimensions: G2 Country, Versions, Time (Months)

    The line items should be:

    Cost of Sales 
    Car Costs 
    Phone Costs
    Medical Costs 
    Shipping Costs
    Shared Costs 


    I would check that these are correct first.


    Then I would check the time settings of the model and make sure that the range is correct.


    Then I would check that the version in the import is actual and there is no switchover applied.


    Then I would check the data in the import file to make sure nothing is missing.


    If this all fails please coud you provide a screenshot of your import that you have created. 


    I hope this helps!






  • Hello,


    I am having the same issue. The cvs file does not upload past about row 60. There are 289 rows, so I am missing huge chunk of data.


    I have gone through all the check steps you posted, but still having no luck.


    Attached are my screenshots.


    Thank you,



  • Actually I think I solved my own problem. I realized I have not worked with data this large before and that not all data will show in the preview screen.

    Also, because of the view I was in (probably could mess around in pivot to show everything), I was not seeing budget data since I had time as a column I had to scroll very far to the right to see the data.

    So infact this was a good exercise in learning to double-check that your data is imported by paying attention to exactly how it imports and what view you are in.