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I need to retrieve the selected dimension as a line item. For example, imagine I have a list with three items, Scenario 1, Scenario 2 and Scenario 3. What I need is some kind of function so that I can return the selected dimension, for example Scenario 1 in a line item.

Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot!

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  • @fredrickstraube 

    the function is called ITEM



    Be aware though, that this will only need the dimension itself, so if you are needing to return the code, or name or checking for a specific item, DO NOT do this calculation in a multi-dimensional module.  Do it in a module dimensioned purely by the list referred to in the ITEM(List) formula and then point subsequent line items to that; much more efficient for calculations

    Also, try and avoid IF ITEM() =.  Use boolean logic instead, this is more flexible

    I hope this helps


  • Hi David,

    Thanks a lot, this is what I needed!

    Another question: I now have two modules, looking like the pictures below:


    No dimensions, just 2 line items formatted as List and Time Period - Month


    Two dimensions, Time and The same list as the "From"-line item in the picture above

    What I ultimately want to do is to get the boolean checked if the month is selected in the "From Date" line item in the first picture, but I can't get that formula to work, since I cannot do a lookup on time. What I tried was something like IF owner=From [LOOKUP:From date] THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE

    Do you have any suggestions on how to approach this issue? Thanks!

  • @DavidSmith,

    This is EXACTLY what I needed, many thanks!


  • Excellent

    Glad to help