Understand why a formula in the List Property is not working?


Hello, I have a list property that has a formula in it that was working and pulling data correctly.  But today, it is not pulling data and I am not able to identify the root cause.

Here is the screen shot of the list property formula:


Here is the module where the formula is pulling the data from:


Your help in guiding me in the right direction is appreciated.Thanks.

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    It's not like, the data won't be pulled if version dimensions is used in module.


    We have 2 option to get the data,


    #1. Use select function to get the data.

          Employee Info Properties.Role[SELECT: VERSIONS.Actual] or


    #2. Set Current Version

          The data will come based on the current version we set in the versions setting.


    I have set current version of the model is "Actual Version"


    In Module, I have used versions and Employee Dimension and line item as 'Role'. 


    As mentioned above the current version(Actual) data being pulled from the module.






    Vignesh M



  • @svbhagat ,


    What is Hourly Employees by Roles Assumption dimensionalized by?  It can only have one list (dimension) in the Applies To and no Time Scale or Version.



  • Hello Rob,

    Thanks for the response back.  The Hourly Employees by Roles Assumptions Module is only dimensionalized by the List - Employees By Role.  The Time Scale is Not Applicable and Versions is All.  Here is a screen shot. These settings have not been changed.  Therefore, I'm puzzled as even with these settings the module was pulling the property from the list correctly before.   


  • HI @svbhagat,

    Version is also one of the dimensions in your module hence your formula in property is not working. Anaplan is not able to recognize which version should it take hence it is blank. If you want to take particular version then include Select function [ex,Select:Version.Actual ] in your existing formula.

    I hope this helps.


  • @svbhagat 

    Also, if you are referencing a module with Versions to a module without, the default will pull from the Current Version.  That is probably why you are not seeing anything (if you haven't got that set)

    You can use this instead of SELECT, if you need it to change dynamically as you change the Current Version setting in the Versions tab



  • I just want to make sure I understand.  Going back to my original question. 

    I have a formula in my List Property to pull a line item from this module.  Is the List property setup correctly? 

    Are we saying that as long as the module has all versions pulling, the line item from the module will not get pulled into my List property?  


  • Thank you.  This clarification helped me resolve the issue.  I changed the current version setting and that has updated the information.  I will also look into using the SELECT formula for future.