Input values based on a Boolean formatted Time Period


 Hi Everyone,


I'm fairly new to Anaplan and currently self studying so please bear with me if this question seem basic.


Is there a way for me to use a boolean formatted line item to serve as a basis to what specific months I should put my computed values? The formula will go like this: IF first month of Month Picker (Boolean) >= Month Period of line item(Time-Period Month) THEN Values will be inputted from Month Period of line item up to the last month of the Month Picker ELSE 0.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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    Hi @CommunityMember88511 ,


    I am not sure that I understand your question completely.

    My understanding is, the data should come only till certain month based on month picker(boolean) selection.


    Try this,

    I have picked below "MARCH" month, so the data is coming only till that month.



    let me know, if I understood wrongly.



    Vignesh M


  • @CommunityMember88511


    This is a safe place, any and all questions are welcomed whether you are brand new to Anaplan or a Master Anaplanner.



  • Hi Sir @vignesh,


    Thank you for the reply. I have applied a part of your solution. But instead of the formula in Month Picked, I made use of the ITEM(Time) formula to compare the time period to the boolean checker. Then I introduced an IF function to check if it is within the time period. Thank you for this! 


    @rob_marshall Thank you also. The community has been very helpful throughout my Anaplan experience.



  • xin


    What is the TIME ALL PERIOD in line item Month Picked Final? I am struggling as how to remove the time dimension.

    Thank you!