Stopped Data using time period


Hi, Anaplanner


how to enter data and stop using time selection ?,,


i have 2 time selection, start and end 


start for when data come and end for when data stopped


  • @Panji 


    Dynamic Cell Access is the answer

    This app and video tells you all you need to know



  • @Panji 

    You can do this using Dynamic Cell Access feature


    1. Create an Access module with two line items (One specifies Read and other Write) & Time as a dimension (Or any other list that you want to put the selection upon)

    2. Make both these line items as Boolean formatted.

    3. Go to Summary and change the Summary from None to Any

    4. You can manually check the boxes that you want to put the selections upon or you can write codes in these two line items - to keep it dynamic

    5. Go to the module where you want to apply the changes - go to bluerpint mode and scroll towards right and you will find Write and Read access columns. Choose line items from the dropdown (that you created in Step 1)

    6. Once selections are applied, users will be able to read, write or see based on the selection



    Happy Planning!