Ability to define line item 'applies to' when adding that line item to a module


As a model builder, I would like the ability to define the 'applies to' of a line item when creating and adding it to a module.


This enhancement could work by enriching the current box for adding line items and allowing users to set the applies to at this point


The benefit of this would be the ability to add line items that you intend to be a subsidiary view to modules with multiple dimension that would otherwise be rejected. For example, if my module is dimensioned by list a, list b, list c and 12 months where list a and list b have 1000 items each, and list c has 40, this would result in a new line item having a cell count 1000 x 1000 x 40 x 12 and likely be rejected due to too large an increase in model size. In this example I only need my new line item to be dimensioned by list a, list c and time, which would result in a much smaller size increase and allow the line item to be added

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  • Miran
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  • csurf

    This would be a big help when adding line items to existing modules, especially when dashboards are made based on those modules. Also, I would like the the ability to create a new line item with 'No Data' as the data type rather than defaulting to number.

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