Shared Node(Similar child in Anaplan)


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I have two List List1 and List 2, List1 is a parent list of List 2 having 4 members as:






Is it possible to add similar children(replicate same child) in all the Parent1 to Parent4.


i,e Parent1 having child as Child1,Child2 & Child3

    Parent2 also has child as Child1,Child2 & Child3


As per my understanding we don't have shared node functionality  in Anaplan, and this above ask will not be possible without a Numbered List creation.




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  • rob_marshall

    @MadhabikaM ,


    First, a numbered list is the way to go.  Second, as @Kat.Carvey stated, the Display Name should be formatted to another list, like Employee Flat.  This way, you can have all of the metadata stored at the Employee Flat level, but be able to retrieve the data anywhere in the hierarchy.  If it is "transactional" data, then you can do the exact same thing, having the data stored at the flat level.


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  • You're correct, we don't share child items between different parents. Numbered lists would be the way to do this, with property name set to another list with the child items in. E.g. (Where List1 is my parent, List2 is the numbered list with a list-formatted property pointing to List3)



  • Hi @Kat.Carvey ,


    This is not working if code is same for repeated childs?


    I mean I need code also to be same for ChildA in Parent1 and Parent2.




  • That's correct, code would need to be unique and so any action that needed a unique identifier (such as imports) would need to be done by ID or combination of properties.