Page Anchors for Dashboards and New UX


My understanding is that there is no limit to how 'long' a dashboard / page can be, provided there is content to fill it. Page anchors and subsequently actions to navigate to them, similar to 'open dashboard', would be great (Including 'open' and 'navigate' behavior so that content is refreshed just like 'open dashboard'). This would allow for easier navigation if you want to keep certain sections of your organization limited to one 'window' (relating to the user experience). 

For example, say you have a support org within your company and you want all of your metrics to be viewable on one dashboard, this would allow for easier navigation. Obviously not a critical request but would be nice for design flexibility. 

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  • Miran
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  • wnm106

    This would be a well received feature as figuring out where you need to scroll to on a dashboard for certain interactions can be difficult when you have a lot of sections.  This would simplify how a user navigates their dashboard and allow them to quickly jump to key sections.

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