Retrieve Numbered list' Display Name


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I am struggling with retrieving a display name of a numbered list in a Property.

My understanding is that Name(Product) will retrieve #1, #2,,, in my case.

Could you give me some pointers ?


Thanks in advance.


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  • rob_marshall

    @gregoryTan ,


    As @VIGNESH.M stated, you can reference the Display Name of the Product numbered list.  So if the numbered list for Product is Product Flat and if the display name of Product Flat is text, then the formula would be PIC &"_"&'Product Flat'.Display Name[Lookup:Product] as long as Product is list formatted.  If it is not a list formatted, you will have to have the Product code accessible (in this list or preferably a module).  This is another reason why having codes are so important, especially when using numbered lists.




  • Hi Greg,


    Pick the Display Name from List Property directly. Don't use Name(Item(Product)), it will return #1,#2.




    Vignesh M

  • Just to add some.

    I would like to have the column F in the attached file for a display name of this list (concatenate "Product" + "PIC"). But the problem is since "Product" is a numbered list, I cannot have "Product" in TEXT format while I need to convert "Product" into TEXT to concatenate "Product" and "PIC"

  • HI @gregoryTan,

    In this case use lookup and bring in the Display name.

    Ex: Product list.Display name[lookup:Product] where Product list is a list and Display Name is a property in that list and Product is the product list formatted property in your destination list.

    I hope this helps!



  • Thank you, Rob. What youve proposed perfectly worked for me.

  • I recently ran into the same issue and came across this thread looking for a solution. What you proposed worked perfectly for me as well, Rob. Thanks for sharing!