Allow 'Select Levels to Show' for the Time Dimension


As a model builder, it would be really great to be able to use the 'Select Levels to Show' on the time dimension. This would allow me to quickly show only base level data or quickly show only summary level. It could be tied to the model settings, so only the summary levels that exist in the respective time range would be present in the menu. I have attached a mockup of how it could appear.


This would be especially useful with the New UX, as the charts do not automatically hide the summary levels from the time dimension like the charts in Classic UX do.


Time Select Levels to Show.png

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  • Miran
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  • The ability to 'select levels to show' for time will be also useful when we need to export data in grid layout that includes no summary for time while keeping summary line item in the export. Using Omit Summary Items option as workaround for time level will remove summary line item as well.

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