The New UX should have the capability for drilling down like the old UX


Hi Anaplan, 


The New UX currently lacks the capability for drilling down from the dashboards. 

A lot of end users are asking for this as they believe it is one of the key features for the Anaplan product. 


It would be great if the New UX had the drill down capability like the old UX. 





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  • Miran
    Status changed to: Delivered
  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Are there any further developments on this?  It looks like there is different cell functionality on boards vs. worksheets, but still no drill-down.  We could use worksheets with insight panels to direct to other sources, but it's difficult to predict the types of drill down analysis that may be required.

  • @Mitch_Max pleased to update we have now released drill down capability in the New UX. The full comms around this should be due out shortly. The initial version supports single level drill down only but we are already working on the next iteration to support multi-level drill down.

  • great, thanks!

  • In the current New UX version, the styling is not the same - no indentations which made long formulas readable. Now it's just plain text without line breaks/indentations.


    The bigger problem is that Drill Down does not work for multiple steps. So you cannot drill down what you just drilled down. The majority of cases are like this.


    Thank you


  • @Nikita_S_Gnilozub we are currently working on multi-level drill down. This should be available in the next couple of weeks.

  • @sprender , yes, my bad, wrote this before seeing the April plan for release. What about styling and indentations though?

  • Status changed to: Delivered

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