Personal Dashboarding and View modification capability in New UX


Personal dashboard in the classic view is a great feature for users as this helps them maintain their over views on dashboards which is most helpful for their nature of work.

In new UX too, this is a must have. Otherwise it takes away a lot of capability from a dashboard point of view.

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  • Miran
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  • We've begun using the New UX for Sales Forecasting, and while it's great that users can hide/show columns in a worksheet, giving them the ability to save this as a personal view is something we've gotten many requests for.  Is this planned for development at all? Or does it need more community support?

  • Hello, does anyone have an update adding this features?  This is something we will definitely need.

  • Also for us this feature is highly relevant! In our tool we have users all around the world that look on the same grid with different pivot structures. When leaving the dashboard as a normal user, all pivot adjustments are just gone and have to be reentered from scratch. This is extremely annoying and also unsatisfying, since the personal view function worked properly for the client before changing to the NewUX.

  • I support this idea 100%. Our client has been requesting this feature many times. It is so frustrating to pivot and filter the view every time you enter the page. Users must have an opportunity to save their pivots and show/hides that they have done using the user options.

  • Is there any update on this functionality? It would be highly appreciated if users can save their personal views just like classic UX.

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