Ability for Board or Worksheet to listen to multiple workspace models


This gives ability for users to look at data sets coming from different workspace models on the same page.
For e.g. financials from multiple subsidiaries of a company (being different workspace models) could be viewed by Corp of the parent company on one single page in an app.

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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • This would be helpful if a card can be from different workspaces/models on the same dashboard where grid card A can be from model A and grid card B is from model B.

  • +1 This would reduce a fairly significant pain point in achieving connected planning... the need to proliferate the same data (e.g., KPI) in multiple models just to create a card on a UX page.

  • Hi,
    I can see this is a new feature of he UX and I cand defintivelly publish modules or views from different dashboard, but I have to use a Model selector to display one or the other. Is there anyhting I'm doing wrong?

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