NEW UX: Don't force single cards on a row to be the entire width of the page


When dropping in a new text box on a board in the New UX, the text box (or any card) is fixed to take up the entire width of the page. Sometimes I want to be able to place a text box underneath something along the right side of the page.  But I can't, the only workaround I can come up with is to place some dummy card in there to take up the left side of the page so as to move my textbox to the right...ultimately it looks really terrible.


Instead of all this, I'd like to be able to do two things when designing boards:

1. Set the width of a card regardless if it's the only card on a row.  

2. Move a card to anywhere within the width of the page (using the 12 set columns is fine, but let me move the left edge of the card away from the left edge of the page.


ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: Worst case at least let me place a textbox on the page and leave it a spacer that won't show up on the published view...



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