Depreciation Using Profile Formula


Suppose materials are purchased in January, and then in another Line Item, I would like the materials to be depreciated over 3 months (spread that purchase value out over 3 months)?  Which formula should be used?

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    You will want to use the Profile function: learn more at
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    Hi Ankesh,

    If you are going to be spreading the expenses evenly over 5 quarters, you could use: SPREAD(expense line item,5)

    If you have a custom spread, then the attached screenshots will show you an example of using PROFILE.

    In this example, I first created two lists:
    • Timing %s
    • Timing Profiles
    I then created two modules:
    • Timings - Qtrs
    • Profile - Qtrs
    The 'Timings - Qtrs' module has the two lists that I created. This allows you to add percentage spreads over periods. And you can create various profiles.

    The 'Profile - Qtrs' module has 4 line items with varying dimensionality.
    Revenue Orders - values are entered by month and product.
    Timing % - assigns the timing %s for each product based on the Profile selected (next line item).
    Profile - assigns the profile to each product.
    Revenue - spreads the Revenue Orders based on the Profile assigned for each Product.
    Let me know if you still have any questions!