Synchronization of list clusters


It requires two clicks to sync all dashboard elements (graphs, tables etc.) to the selection, when using a pivot that has two or more lists clustered on one axis. This can cause that an inexperienced end-user may look at the wrong information, because he or she forgot to select the second list item. To avoid this, Anaplan should automatically recognize which intersect is selected within the cluster and sync all data accordingly.


In the below example, I would need to select first "Store A" and afterwards "Dows M Red" if I want to alter a graph against this intersect. As an end-user I want to click on 'Dows M Red' and any dashboard element should automatically sync to 'Store A' and 'Dows M Red' so that I will always look at the correct data intersect. Equally, the sync should jump to 'All products' when selecting 'Store A'


clustered sync.PNG

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