UX view Management and Generation


When creating a new Dashboard for the UX, on occasion you may want to duplicate views, but when you don't and you would like exclusively for UX, adjust in the UX then have available for classic, or you may generate a 'custom view' in the UX, aside from duplicating your work you have no way to retain those actions.

Having the views SAVED based on your changes in column width, pivot orientation, filtering, etc. as a separate view group would be amazing.

Alternatively being able to group views by a custom drop down system or labeling would make this concept infinitely helpful, so that you can bring them in from either UX or classic quickly and easily and make the views user friendly. For example, I have a module with 50 views on it, knowing 40 of them are to get specific dynamic actions in UX that will update when I change it versus the 10 views that are classic exclusive and won't impact my UX dashboard is important. (In the future I can see HUGE issues in the future)

This also allows for Page Builders to be further separated from Model Builders, but allows both groups to interact without stepping on each others toes or getting upset when something is changed, with unexpected consequences.

Even further down the road, allowing Admins/Model Builders the ability for Page Builders to not see specific views or something that should not be allowed on a UX dashboard may be beneficial as well.

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