AMA with Simon Ritchie: New UX

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Simon Ritchie, Anaplan's Sr. Director of Product Management, answers popular questions about Anaplan's new user experience. Read the comments below the video to see the questions and answers submitted during our live Q&A session.

Note: The live Q&A session is now closed.

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  • Hi,
    1. Will older style dashboards be completely phased out and our clients will interact with Anaplan only via the New UX?
    2. Also, are more advanced charts going to be added in the New UX? Such as sparklines, icons (for KPIs), or bubble charts?

  • clipboard_image_0.png Image above is from an Anaplan Linked in posting. Does the new UX have a limit of 4 cards per dashboard? Is the upper left quadrant 1 card with 4 displays?


  • Hi,


    1. Will there be buttons to export tables/graphs/pages from the New UX?


    2. Will there be a way to add items to subsets or lists that have a subset as a parent? Currently, forms do not seem to work for lists that are subsets or have a subset as a parent. 


    3. Will there be a way to set the level of selectors in the new UX (ex. if list A is the list the view is dimensioned by, and list B is the parent of list A, to use list B as the selector)? 


    4. Currently, if you have a view dimensioned by time, if you accidentally click on a month column, it will automatically sync everything to that quarter. Will there be a way to limit the syncing so that the time stays on whatever time is selected on the selector? 


    5. Will there be a way to exclude selectors from the mobile app?




  • Hi @anirudh 


    We are rolling out the New UX alongside Dashboards to give customers the option.

    We will maintain both in parallel so you can continue to leverage dashboards while you plan for the transition to the New UX.


    We have switched the focus for our roadmap in this area, all our development efforts will be in the New UX only. For example, Mobile is only available with the New UX.


    Thanks, Simon

  • There is no limit on the number of cards you can have on a Board. The way the layout engine works is you have rows, and up to 4 columns within each row.

    We use a 12 column layout system which is a best practice for responsive page design, when you are building you should remember that you users might use a bigger or smaller screen.

    You can have have 4 cards on the same row side by side, you can also stack multiple cards in a single space - generally you do this for cards that are smaller - Like KPI or Text cards.


  • Hi, I have some questions on my mind now.


    1) Have I understood correctly that there will be no additional licence fee for New UX? It will be part of the current licence fee for Anaplan, right?

    2) Is waterfall chart going to be an option in new UX?

    3) In the designer mode, is there going to be a Save button? So far, the designer closes with clicking on publish.

    4) Is a plan of the release of new functionalities published somewhere?

    5) When building custom view, can we choose to custom the existing saved view? Or is there going to be such functionality? In addition, is conditional formatting be possible to set up from custom view?





  • Hi Diane,

    Thanks for your questions. Answers are below.

    1. We are releasing functionality to export the current grid view of a worksheet shortly. We will add other export capabilities in the future.

    2. We are looking at the ability to use Forms to add list subsets in the future yes.

    3. Yes we plan on introducing additional flexibility on what levels you can see in context selectors.

    4. The current behaviour is everything syncs as you described. We don't have any plans to change this in the near term but we can review priority based on user feedback.

    5. This is not currently in the roadmap but we can review based on user feedback.
  • Hi Sarka,

    Thanks for the questions. My answers are below.

    1. Correct the New UX is included in your license fee. There will be future features such as the My Pages for example that would require you to be on a specific pricing tier but the New UX is available for all to enjoy.

    2. Yes we are working on the Waterfall chart currently due to popular request.

    3. This is something we would like to add yes but there are no plans to add this in the near term currently.

    4. We don't publish a release plan as things may change due to competing priorities. You can request a roadmap update from your Customer Success Business Partner and we will be presenting our current roadmap at upcoming CPX events.

    5. Are you asking if you can reuse custom views? If this is the question then the answer is currently no. You need a view per card. You can use Card templates to save you time reconfiguring views. Conditional formatting is not currently available in custom views so you will need to use Module Views in the mean time. We are starting work on conditional formatting for custom views soon.

  • Thanks for the answers! 


    For number 4, it's fine if other tables sync to the selected month, but the table you clicked the month on also syncs to it. I can see it being confusing for users if they accidentally clicked on a month and had all the tables sync to it. 

  • Hi,

    thank you for your answers.

    Ad 5) I mean if i can reuse the saved views that I have made in my module from which i am creating the custom view in NUX. So far, when I want to create a custom view, I have to choose a module, but I do not see the saved views in that module. If I could choose them I could use them as a starting point to create custom views in NUX.


    Thanks, Sarka

  • Hi Sarka,

    Unfortunately you can only create custom views on top of modules not saved module views. This is because the custom views are replacing the transformations (filters, sorts etc) on the saved module views rather than building on top of them. There are currently no plans to support custom view on top of saved module views.
  • Do we have a specific documention for 'New UX - Migration (when & how) Recommendations' that can be shared with Partners?

  • Great question! We're in the process of putting together this information and will share it with the implementation partners when we have it ready.