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I have two modules named A and B. In module A, my time range is FY17 & FY18. And in my module B, the time range is FY18 & FY19. The fiscal year in my model is Jan to Dec. Now I want to refer the data of FY17 from module A to FY18 of module B. I have tried with Lag, lead and offset. But all these have the restriction as 'The time range providing arguments to a line item must match the time range for the result line item;. When I use Previous function, it is working fine. But I am getting result only for Jan18 from Dec17 with previous function. My requirement here is that I need to get the old year complete data from module A of FY17 to Module B of FY18. 


Can you please help me? 


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    Try this,

    Step 1: Create a line item(Previous Year) in the Target Module and format it as Time Period.Month Format and Use the below formula


    Step 2: Write the logic to pull data from Source to Target Mod, use the formula highlighted below



    Note: Keep the previous year line item in a separate system mod.



    Vignesh M


  • @VSekar 

    And just to add, in the Time Settings module, the simplest formula to calculate the previous year month is 


    ITEM(Time) - 12 in a line item formatted as Month


    no need for any Text extractions and re-joins.



  • Hi Vignesh & David, 


    Thank you for your reply. It was helpful and resolved my issue.