Formula to get name of a boolean formated line item .

Hi, I have a module a with several line items. Line item 1 of this module is boolean formated and applies only to VERSIONS. Means, a User has to mark the check box of the VERSION, he wants to use for further steps. In a second module b, there is a line item 2, which shall show the Name of the VERSION, which was marked in module a in line item 1 as true. Question: Which formula (or combination of formulas) work to do this and how do I have to format the line item 2. Axel


  • @Axel 

    You can't do this with real versions unfortunately because you cannot format the line item as a Version format.


    The workaround is to create a fake list mirroring the list of versions and create a module by real and fake versions.  You can then check each real and fake version and create a line item formatted as fake versions to show the Fake Version if the real version is ticked as below.

    2019-09-17_16-39-41.pngN.B, you'll need a Top Level item for Fake Versions and set the Summary for Version Name to be First Non Blank, or Last Non Blank (doesn't matter which)

    You can then pull this into any Module dimensioned by version



     N.B. the line item is formatted as Fake Versions

    I hope that helps




  • Hi Axel

    This is not easy to acheive but you can acheive this in two modules:

    Module 1 : The module where user has to enter values
    Using the lineitems from module 1 create a list (Lineitem subset)
    Module 2: Use line item subset, versions and a boolean formatted line item
    Module 1: Use this Module 2 line item to filter your versions, so only those marked version for the said line item would be visible.
    you have to pivot your model 1 in right way to achieve this