Formula to get name of a boolean formated line item .

Hi, I have a module a with several line items. Line item 1 of this module is boolean formated and applies only to VERSIONS. Means, a User has to mark the check box of the VERSION, he wants to use for further steps. In a second module b, there is a line item 2, which shall show the Name of the VERSION, which was marked in module a in line item 1 as true. Question: Which formula (or combination of formulas) work to do this and how do I have to format the line item 2. Axel


  • Hi Axel

    This is not easy to acheive but you can acheive this in two modules:

    Module 1 : The module where user has to enter values
    Using the lineitems from module 1 create a list (Lineitem subset)
    Module 2: Use line item subset, versions and a boolean formatted line item
    Module 1: Use this Module 2 line item to filter your versions, so only those marked version for the said line item would be visible.
    you have to pivot your model 1 in right way to achieve this