Provide model builders a "Model Cleanup View"


Our model is rather large, and over multiple development cycles and many different developers we have a large amount pieces of the model that may now be obsolete.  The trouble is with a large model it is incredibly cumbersome to locate safely remove clutter without the fear of causing major issues in the model. 


The only way I know of is to check all the "referenced by" columns in the various settings menu lists (Actions Dashboards, Modules etc.), and stitch together a picture of whether something is unused. Even then a complete picture of whether something is used or not isn't available for builders to view (imports pointing to saved views for instance).


It would be incredibly helpful to have a dedicated place in the settings menus where model builders can go to help them identify model clutter, such as:

  • unused modules, actions dashboards that can't be connected to (i.e. is not linked to in an open action button, and is not in the contents pane)
  • Line items not used in formulas, not shown on dashboards
  • saved views not in use
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  • @DavidE 

    Are you using ALM?


    If so, you can "create from revision" and this will create a small model that you can play around with with smaller rollback times


  • @DavidSmith we do use ALM. I'll look into that, thank you.  


    What I'm envisioning here is more some kind of view that pulls all the "referenced by"'s together (and any other interlinkings) and helps show a builder if something is taking up space but not used i.e. can be safely removed.


    We are looking at what we can do in the product to help with this as well as many other areas to guide the model builder during and afterwards.

    But, I agree with the request


  • @DavidSmith Great, let me know if I can be of any help

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review

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