Variable results on dashboard depending on user selection


I want to present a dashboard where the information displayed varies depending on the year/version the end user selects - see attached picture of example.


The modules that lie behind this example would be as follows:


Input-Module 1

Input Cost - user input (Dimensions - Location List, Version List, Year)


Calculation-Module 2

Line item 1 - formula = 'Input-Module 1'.Input Cost[LOOKUP: Filter-Module 3.Select Version, LOOKUP: Filter-Module 3.Select Year] (Dimensions - Location List)


Filter-Module 3

Select Version - user input from drop down (Dimensions - none)

Select Year - user input from drop down (Dimensions - none)


The dashboards would be accessible by a number of end users, some of whom could be using the dashboards at the same time: Is there a reason for not building the model this way?  The actual model would contain lists with many items and I am looking to save space in the calculation module by not having it dimensioned by Time/Version (and I would be looking to use similar method for adding other functionality like currency conversion)


  • Hi,


    If you are using this grid for reporting purpose, then add User Dimension in INPUT MODULE and CALCULATION MODULE.

    Adding a user dimension will allow each end-user to select the list they want and can see the result based on their selection.


    You only have 3 dimensions in Calculation Module, it won't take much size. It's better to create a module with these 3 dimensions and remove the input module.



    Vignesh M

  • Thanks for the reply; this might work though there is a potentially high number users so it may not end up saving on space. I will have an experiment
  • @CommunityMember83188 

    If you are just viewing the output, only the filter selection modules and the filter module itself need to be dimensioned by user.  the output/reporting module doesn't need Users as a dimension.  It will just pick up the current user


    I posted something about this on the following thread

    My reply was 7th down!


    I hope this helps


  • This is maybe pointing me in the right direct though seems to be best applied when using filters, where as what I'm looking into doing is have the result of the formula be dependent on what the users select.
    Is there something that can be included in a formula that will only select a result for the current user?
  • @CommunityMember83188 

    Unfortunately, if you read through the entire thread I referred to, you are going to need to have the resultant line items with Users as a dimension to allow the results to vary by user

    Now, this does only apply if the users have access to the same parts of the model hierarchies.  If you have selective access or the users are responsible for different parts of the organisation, you might be able to get away with subsets or separate modules

    I hope that helps