Performance of line items calculations with cell count 0


Anaplan platform gives to modelers great flexibility in terms of how it is used, once in a while leading to situations, where modelers design solutions, which were never considered by Anaplan Platform developers.

One example like that is usage of a single element list with subset as a module dimension - to turn on or completely turn off such feature directly on the deployed model.

Example: In addition to all the existing dimensions (ie. Fiscal Year, Month, Product, Customer) we will add a Configuration list.

When Configuration is a 'production data' list we can decide directly on the deployed model whether the subset should be turned off (0 elements in the subset) or on (1 element in the subset).

Let's assume we have 20 000 products * 200 Customers * 3 Fiscal Years * 12 Months * 50 line items (KPIs) = 2E10 module size (extremely huge and should not be used with that many products and customers).

However some smaller markets would like to have this report available. To make this work (keeping a single DEV model + multiple deployed models per market), we've added our Configuration list as  an extra dimension leading to 2 scenarios:

  1. 20 000 products * 200 Customers * 3 Fiscal Years * 12 Months * 50 line items * 0 Configuration = 20 bln * 0 = 0
  2. 5 000 products * 50 Customers * 3 Fiscal Years * 12 Months * 50 line items * 1 Configuration = 450 mln * 1 = 450 mln (still huge but acceptable).

 Apparently while turned off line items look like a smart idea, Anaplan Inc. confirmed that there is still significant time being consumed for this backend calculation.

Potential solutions for this are either adjusting the platform calculation engine to ignore all the mapping if cell count is indeed 0, or provide modelers another manageable way to turn on or turn off certain parts of calculations directly on the deployed model.

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  • If this is true, I would definitely support this. Often times, my clients want to optimize their model and rather than deleting the obsolete modules, I have created list subsets with no members. This allows me to maintain the original line item calculations.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Status changed to: In Review

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