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Dashboard personal view is a fantastic feature that significantly improves end user experience, allowing  a wide range of personal customizations to be made on dashboards. Currently we have a Master and Personal view available.

In our scenario, we have a single Master Development copy, which is being deployed to multiple markets.
  the Code structure is the same, but dashboard layout is slightly different for each market. In total each market has around 40 dashboards and 8-10 roles per market.

Dashboard customizations for each market  are forcing us also to multiply all the model roles accordingly (select proper customized dashboard for each role).

As a result we have now 450 dashboards with 80 roles in a model, which is very inefficient to manage and handle...

The idea is to add another dashboard customization layer:

Master view -> Market View -> Personal View (we can think about better name of this middle step).

This Market View would be customized directly on the deployed / production model.

As a result the end user would be able to select 3 views instead of 2, while in our Master Development copy we would could get back down to 40 dashboards and 10 roles again.

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  • Status changed to: In Review
  • I’d love if someone can provide a view on how the New UX will impact this idea?

  • Hi @simon_ritchie , Thanks for looking into this! Yes, New UX is on its way to fix this problem, as for a single structure model we might have different apps per market (that's how I see it).

    We're not there yet, though... We are missing couple of key functionalities in the new UX (ie. Assign) to allow us to even consider a move to new UX. 

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