Formula to populate time period formatted line item



I have two line items - Year and January - with no dimensions.

Year is time period (year) formatted and a user selection

January is time period (month) formatted and I am looking for a formula which uses the year the user has selected to return the period - For example, the user selects FY19 and the it returns Jan 19.

I'm doing this as I need to use the January cell in a lookup used to retrieve date from a module with time as a dimension, but want to give the end user the ability to select the year.

Any ideas? I've had a look through the advise offered in this previous thread but I can't seem to make it work with my limitations.


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  • rob_marshall

    @CommunityMember83188 ,


    Create a SYS Time Year module that is based on the FY years.  Create a line item, Month to Use, formatted as Month.  If it is always January, then the admin can set that up for multiple years at one time.  If you need it to be a formula, the formula would be: PERIOD(START()).




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