Period on Period % Mvmt - Formula Summary Method


Hi Team,


I'm attempting to create a Period on Period % movement in a module using multiple dimensions but I require the summary level/top level to still calculate using the formula rather than Summing all the lower node %'s. When I change the Summary method to % I receive an error


I have tried using Period, Lag & also Lookup for the prior month as a line item in the current module


Is there a way I can display the % movement as a formula for all cells?



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  • ArunManickam

    Hello @MarkTurkenburg ,


    You mean summary method "Formula", it works well.


    You just cannot use SUM/LOOKUP in that formula. You can seperate the SUM/LOOKUP from your formula (by moving it to another line item and reference it).


    Can you share your formula.







  • Hi @MarkTurkenburg 


    As @ArunManickam suggests it will only be possible to do this by splitting out the individual components of the formula in to separate line items and then creating forumula for which you want to roll up to top level but still using the summary method of formula. 


    However depending on what you are trying to achieve it could be possible to do this using another line item with different dimensions or only referencing the top level. Or even it could be created in another module but this really does depending what the requirement is. If you can share the exact formula and requirement this will make it easier to advise on.


    I hope this helps!





  • Hi @ArunManickam  & @usman.zia ,


    I achieved my aim by creating another Line Item with the Lag formula and therefore on my % movement Line Item I could reference both line items (thereby referencing the current period & prior period) & also being able to set the summary to Formula


    Thanks for your assistance!