Add ability to assign a functional area to a new module in the create a module dialogue box


It would save time to not have to always go back to the modules tab and assign a functional area if I could do it upon creating the module, which seems sensible!

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  • Straight forward, simple. Great idea.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Yes, yes, yes


    And whilst we're at it, let's add a DISCO classification too



  • @NoahJI think I raised this recently;



    Nice mock-up and whole-heartedly agree, would make cleaning up functional areas redundant if you could do this in the first instance!



  • @Miran

    We should combine the two requests if possible


  • @CallumW - great minds think alike? 🙂 Apologies for redundant posting, I had attempted to search for the others but looks like I was not successful. I'm all for combining the posts however that happens.

  • Hi @CallumW@DavidSmith@NoahJ,


    We've gone ahead and merged the ideas.




  • @NoahJ- not a problem, I'm glad to see someone else had the same idea! Hopefully we get to see this change implemented soon.


    @DavidSmith- thanks for the merge shout-out!


  • Yes please!!! Designating the functional area during module setup will not only save the step of having to return to the model tab, but will also simplify setup in the contents section.

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • Any updates on this idea? Seems like there was a healthy amount of support, and would definitely help instill better habits in model builders.

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