New UX ability to extend the show/hide functionality to all selectors when creating a card

Hi Anaplan, 


I've been using the new UX and theres some functionality which would really improve the experience. 


Currently there is functionality to 'show and hide' items when creating a card but it only applies to the dimensions on the view and not all selectors. For example time and line items but not a geography hierarchy.


If the show and hide could apply to all selectors/dimensions that apply this would make it much easier to create the view you need.


For example being able to hide levels on hierarchies. 







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  • I agree!


    This functionnality for hierarchy filters was available until last week for worksheets but it as been removed due to "technical constraints" (I noticed synchronization issues with other cards for example).

    It was very usefull for us to be able to hide levels of the hierarchy.


    I hope it will return soon!

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