Can a version formula be defined just for a single line item?


This question was asked of me recently, about use of version formulas. The current behaviour is that a version formula applies to a set of line items, rather than a single line item.You identify the set by reference to a named line-item subset. The rationale for this is that if you’re setting up a formula for a single line item you can use a conditional formula to give different results on different versions. You may need to set up one or more boolean line items, each having 'Versions' as its only dimension, to control the conditional. In this case you only need a single formula. Though the formula is a bit more complex, it means you only have a single formula for the line item. Version formulas are intended to allow the same formula to apply across multiple line items – particularly where you have individual formulas for a forecast version (pulling in data from various source modules), but a single formula across all line items for the actual or budget version. The latter is often used where you have a module/line item as a landing zone for some Actuals or Budget data, that are imported from another Anaplan model or an external system. You use the version formula to bring these alongside the forecast for comparison. We may consider extending the 'version formula' functionality in future.

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  • bhavik_vashi
    Very interesting.  I had this same question as well, thank you for explaining the functionality of the version formula so clearly.