Add a Color palette as a property of list items


Hello everybody!

My suggestion is to add an opportunity to select the fixed color that list item will be shown on charts. 


The problem:

If we have two charts on same dashboard the same item can be different color on this charts, first one it can be red and on second it's blue.

It's make analising charts slower and more difficult for users. 

Our bussiness users ask me to make fixed colors throuth all the model. List item 1 is always red, Li2 is always yellow etc..

Now it's a monkey job of selecting fixed colors for each and every chart being published. 

Especially when we add a new list item being shown on charts it is neccesary to open-edit-republish all the charts. 


Suggested solution:

I see two ways.

Solution1: Add a standart named property in each list, where model builder can select color for charts like a "Parent" property.

Solution2: It's like a display name. If nessesary, model builder add a list property (text formatted?) and fill it with color in RGBA (0,255,34,255) or HEX (#ff22) format.  Then when model builder create or change the chart  he(she) can select this property as a color palette for this chart.


I think it will be usefull for many model builders creating charts.  


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