NEW UX: Link to pages in other apps within the same workspace


In Classic Anaplan, we have one big model within a workspace. We're considering building it again in the new UX and expect to break the big model into more functional apps.  The trouble is some of these apps are not entirely siloed, i.e. users will need to move between pages within multiple apps.  


It would be really helpful if I could give users a button that takes them to a page in another app within the same workspace. 

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  • Absolutely agree, this would give great benefit to end users. Kind of surprised it was not automatically available


  • Indeed, under the same tenant, it would be nice to be possible to directly link the pages between different apps. (even the models are under different workspaces). 



  • Agreed. This is needed functionality. 

  • We would love this functionality!

  • Another upvote for this. We would love to create a central planning hub with easy links through to each of the separate planning apps and pages.

  • We absolutely need this functionality!

  • Yes please. Need this in the new UX to make it easier for end users to navigate to pages in other apps, instead of recreating the same page in the app.


    Adding a module with links is a workaround, but not intuitive to the end user. i.e. I have KPI cards for Revenue in an exec summary page and would like to add a link to the KPI card itself, rather than have a grid below with all the different links.

  • I couldn't agree more, especially when trying to create a navigation page across the entire planning process


  • Hello! This opportunity is very demanded. We need to be able to create a link to pages in other apps without making it **** by using ad hoc solutions.


    Please review this request as soon as possible

  • We really need this functionality! All the connected models should be able to navigate from each other.

    That is strange that we can show module data from other model, but still cannot show a simple UX link to a page.


  • I fully agree with the need to add this functionality as soon as possible.

  • Loraine
    edited February 2023

    I fully agree. Putting the same page in multiple Apps makes it very difficult to maintain versions and changes have to be made in multiple Apps.

    The first comment on this thread was over 3 years ago. Has Anaplan made any progress with this request?

  • this is STILL very needed and necessary functionality

  • found a solution!… start your new page in the app that has the page you want to link… link the page however you want… text, grid… then "move" that page to the app you want it to reside in. the "link" will still work and take the user back to the page in the other app. I just stumbled across this today. It works… including that fact that the two pages are associated with different models w/n the same workspace

  • EYOU

    @203001860 Really spent 6 days discovering and came back with a solution!
    It works really well! XD

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