Convert Date with Week Format to Last day of month with a Date Format




My model's Model Calendar - Calendar Type is set to 'Weeks: General'. I have a module with a column of dates and the Format is set to Week. 


In another column with Format set to Date, I'd like to write a formula that will take the date from above, lets say it's 9/2/2019, and output as the last day of the month in date format, so -  9/30/2019.


In Excel, I would just use =EOMONTH(9/2/2019) to get 9/30/2019, but the time dimension of Anaplan is limiting in this way.


Is writing a formula like this possible since my model calendar is set to Weeks: General and the date I'm pulling from has a format of Week?


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Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman



    it would be easier with a monthly calendar but we it still easy achievable  with the DAYSINMONTH formula


    You can do like this:

    end of months from weeks.png

    (the first screenshot is by days but it is the same with weeks as below)


    end of months from weeks blueprint.png