Dimension Mismatch




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  • nathan_rudman



    do you know that you can put pictures in the post ? it would be easier for us !


    When a target module references a source module and they don't have the same dimensions, you need to indicate to Anaplan how the target module can read from the source.


    By default, Anaplan will try to sum, but that would not work if you don't have a top level on your dimension. Otherwise, you can use [LOOKUP:] to dynamically reference a specific element within the dimension, [SUM:] to sum values into a dimension following a property or [SELECT:] to select a specific element (to only use on the top level or an element that will NEVER change).


    In your case, Anaplan can automatically sum the values of your rows, but you need to to indicate how to reference the Project and Dev Cost dimensions. You can do so using the formulas I explained above, depending on the logic you need.


    I hope this helps.



  • DavidSmith


    I would also take a look at this post recently.  There is a lot of good content explaining the differences and how to use SUM and LOOKUP