New UX - add Compare functionality to Grid cards


Maybe not at the top of anyone's 'must have' list, but one sometimes overlooked but really handy feature available within the UI is Compare (the visualisation, not the function).  It's not without a few limitations (as discussed elsewhere in the forums) but it is a very useful way to easily highlight variances/movements and really valuable in building a good user experience.


At the moment, though, this is missing from the New UX.  If you create a Board grid card or a Worksheet based on a view which is saved with Compare enabled in the 'classic' UI the New UX will pull back the underlying values but ignore the compare functionality.  Would be great to get this built in - simplest I guess would be to have the New UX respect the Compare if it has been enabled in the Model, but having the ability to configure it within the New UX would be ideal.

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  • Any thoughts on this - we have found situation where it could save customer lots of performance and lots of GB space for these simple comparisons.

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