Error In Formula - how to understand Circular Reference



Please see details on the attachment. My apologies for not posting it on the message box I document my inquiries on my pc for future references.



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  • hari.prasad

    Are you able to resolve the circular reference issue, that you have reported ?


  •  Hi @Jsdeloria21 


    This is not the solution to exact problem but a way you could approach it:


    To approach this type of issue what I do is break the formula I want up into segments.

    Then I try to write the formula with part of the statement removed to see if I get the circular reference error.

    Then keep iterating until you find the part which causes the error.

    This then helps you to identify where the error is coming from. 


    Then you can focusing on understanding the statement which causes the circular ref. 


    I hope this helps,





  • Hi,

    Try to add Subset "Phase No1" (contain only 1 phase) as a dimension of sourse module.

    Will it help?