Showing Children of just a selected item in a Hierachy


It would be really helpful when investigating variances etc to be able to select a level of a hierarchy and then be able to reselect levels to just show the children of that item in the hierarchy.


For Example.

We have a Account list, which starts at Account code and Description level and then rolls up into a cost category e.g. Staff Costs / Marketing Costs /Other opex.


Sometimes it's helpful for us to just be able to see Staff Costs, but all the account codes which roll into it, but this can be a bit cumbersome, what would really help is if we could select levels to show so that we have the level of the cost categories, select one category e.g.  Staff costs and click Show, and then be able to reselect levels and then be able to see all the account codes which roll into that category.


This is something that was possible in our old system, and the team are often asking the best way to do this in Anaplan, but it's just as straightforward within Anaplan to do this.

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  • @kateward 

    Can you not set up a summary grid at the top (dimensioned by Cost Category) and a seconded detail grid underneath dimensioned by Account code?

    The second grid would synchronise when you choose a Cost Category.

    This is an often used technique for this kind of requirement.

    It also keeps the dashboard from getting too cluttered


  • @DavidSmith we have done this in a couple of situations, where we have some specific dashboards set up for a specific purpose, however we do get a lot of ad-hoc requests and sometimes find that manipulating the data to just show exactly what we want is not as easy as in our previous system.


    We might also at some points have 2 hierarchical lists within the module (one in rows and one in columns) and want to look at say a particular function by cost centre in the columns and the account codes/categories in the rows and that gets a bit more complicated.

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  • This would definitely put Anaplan on par with what is already a very basic drill-down feature of nearly all its competitors (i.e. Hyperion, TM1/Planning Analytics). Pretty much our main request from our users is the ability to expand/collapse specific parts of a P&L or cost center hierarchy. Dynamic drill-downs (summary and detail grids) work to an extent with synchronized selection, but the expand/collapse feature would make things even easier for users and be a huge selling point for Anaplan against its competitors.

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