How do i create a filter that used three dimenions ?


I need to create a filter that pans across three dimensions. 


I've tried using a boolean box, applying that to the lists I need to select. I think I'm going about it wrong. 


Essentially what I need to be able to do is - if I select a product, I want only to be able to see the components that are within that product. I also have a factory as a dimension. In blueprint view - selected the relevant lists. 


That's not working as I'd need to select certain products by component. 




  • Hello,


    additional question: Is there no child/parent relationship within these lists ?


    Usually, you would have a mapping module where you haver the relationship of Product / Component and another one with Product / Factory. No need to create a filter that combines the three (although it would work).

    So you can apply a filter on the component dimension, using the Product/Component mapping and a filter on the factory dimension using the Product/Factory mapping (or the contrary, filter on product with the mapping if you want to start your selection by Factory).


    When you select a product, filter will work, hiding non mapped components and non mapped factories.


    Don't forget that a filter is not only the line item that you use, but you actually need to APPLY it  in the module/view from Data > Filter




  • Hi, 


    No, there isn't a parent/child relationship in either of the dimensions. They're all flat, with a top-level. 


    I've created a mapping of components and models. I have yet to do product/factory. I've tried applying the component/model filter. It doesn't seem to work. List stays the same. 


    Here is what've done for the mapping. My dimensions are p4 and c1. 





  • do you apply the filter like this ? my Q1 product would be your component and the line item I'm using is the same as the mapping you showed me


    productcomponent filtering.png

  • The module in which I apply the filter looks like this. Yes, essentially same way you've filtered.

  • This should work but it looks like in your mapping module the data line item has a summary set to Any (in mapping c to p.JPG). So in the filtered module your Product dimension (current page) is at a summary level - so may be showing all the Components with Any summary. If you select a leaf level product the filter should be right. 🤞

  • The filters work! I didn't realise the rows/columns could have an effect on filter working/not working. 


    Thank you both for your help! 



    1. The trick here is that you need to establish a relationship between lists via a composite hierarchy and then build a series of line items dimensioned at different levels which feed into the summary of the next level in the hierarchy
    2. Build a filter system module dimensioned at the lowest level of the hierarchy.
    3. Add line items representing each level of the hierarchy to be present in the filter. Format as number.
    4. Create a filter selection module with line items for each level of the hierarchy. Format as boolean. 
    5. Back to the filter module for each of these line items create subsidiary views for each corresponding level in the hierarchy other than that at the lowest level.
    6. For each line item create a formula which queries the selection and returns 1 when true and 0 when false. 
    7. Create two additional line items in the filter module called technical and final filter ( this last one will feed the filter on the dashboard ). 
    8. Technical type =1 in the formula bar and select formula as the summary method.
    9. Final filter = the line item corresponding to the lowest level.
    10. For each line item summary method use ratio. Set each summary to query the line item at the next level up in the hierarchy as the numerator and the technical line item as the denominator.



    See how each line item is at a different level in the L hierarchySee how each line item is at a different level in the L hierarchyfilter 2.JPGfilter 3.JPGfilter 4.JPG