Logging in to the last state where you last left the Model / App modules dashboards selections


Hi Anaplan, 


As a model builder or end user its is quite a common instance that you are on the Anaplan platform and then you have to leave what you are doing to attend something else. 


In the current state, Anaplan in most cases will log you out of the platform or close your session because of the time out procedure. 


I understand that it can be safer to log you out then to keep you signed in for a longer time frame without timing out. 


It would be great if Anaplan had the ability to login and take you to the exact instance where you last left it in a model. For example you could've been planning a particular scenario for which you had to filter different attributes and it took time to get to. To be able to then login in and return to the same instance would be really helpful and save time and benefit users by reminding them what they were last doing. 


It can also be the case that you are in the office and then you have to leave to go to a meeting where you needed the model where you were last analysing and then you have to remind yourself where you left off. 


It would also be great if this could be incorporated within the mobile app. Being on the go and remembering where you last left off would be really beneficial.


I believe this feature would be really benefical because it is easy close modules and dashboards, then sometimes to remember where you last left a model or app.





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