Option to show and filter on list properties within a module


It would be great if we could elect to display list properties on a dashboard without adding line items to the module.  You can add these properties when exporting but unfortunately there isn't a way to do this within the application.  When you have a module that is dimensioned by time there isn't a good way to display these property/attribute fields for end users. 


If you could also filter on these properties I think that would be very helpful for end users (without having to configure a Boolean line item). As an example, we have department list that rolls up into an Organization hierarchy (i.e. cost centers) but each department also has a property field that defines which business model (line of business) is supported.  There are instances where a user needs to quickly determine the departments within a Organization that align to a specific business model.  Today we would either need to export the data and filter or add a Boolean line based on the property field.

List Property Fields.PNG

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