Certification Exam


Hi my name is Gabriella and I am having trouble with the certification exam. I need to get an 80% or higher and I am having trouble achieving that score. 


  • @gtrevino 


    Please go thru all the videos and listen to those carefully. Most of the answers are based on the videos. Go step by step by building





  • Hi @gtrevino 


    Are you completeing the level 1 exam or level 2?


    In level 1, before the test you are advised to download a clean and complete version of the model to do the test. 


    And as @Misbah advise the content contains all of the answers so it is worth taking notes and going over the learning centre content. The on demand videos give hints by making key points, so I woud make a note of these too.


    I hope this helps!





  • Ok, so I don’t have to build off of the model that I was building in level 1 correct? I can select the clean and complete version? 

  • @gtrevino 


    It is readily available you can download it but if you want to practice you can build it as well.


    If you are 299 certified then just download it and follow the instructions of uploading the files as and when required and if you are not then continue building it and make sure you watch all the videos and go step by step




  • Hi @gtrevino 


    Yes you can download a clean model for the certification exam for Level 1 and this is what Anaplan advises you to do. 


    I would recommend to attempt to build the level 1 model also as this will really support your understanding of how the platform works and its capabilities. This is one the best things about level 1 is that it really builds your knowledge of the Anaplan platform.





  • Dear


    I also have some troubles by importing the data during my level 1 exam...

    I know have to import the data into a module, but I'm not able to link the last source.

    Can someone help me out?

    Thank you!


  • Hi


    Select "Fixed" in the mapping  


    then in Data 02 line item tab 


    select Volume or whatever the name is for your line item 

  • Hi Karank

    Thank you for the help!


    That one I fixed, but now I have another problem.


    i'm not sure what they mean with '... Update these lines items to reference the driver in EMP03' (Please find attached)

    I Suppose I have to change the formula from 'SYSO8' tot 'EMP03'? (Please find attached)

    But then I'm getting an error (Please find attached)


    Could someone help me out?


    Thank you!



  • @Jeroensy ,


    You do realize this is supposed to be for the exam, correct?  I would recommend reviewing the lessons/videos again.



  • @Jeroensy  last time i gave the answer as "Fixed" is not used that often out in the field therefore is easily forgotten or simply not known. 


    For this question please allow me to help you by explaining what the question means  .Fair ?


    "Update these lines items to reference the driver in EMP03" 

    lets break it down 


    "Update these line items" 

    What line items ? I think the answer to this question is in the screen shot you attached Anaplan.JPG


    How to update these line items

    You need to calculate these line items by referencing drivers located somewhere . Also in Anaplan.JPG screenshot


    What formula to use ?

    Have a look the module you identified in above . What dimensions are being used ? how do these dimensions relate to the module where you have to write this formula ? Also look at the values in the module , these values are  % . % makes sense when it is OF something . What could be the OF part of the % listed in this module 


    As far as your formula error goes 

    Error says line item is not valid . what does this mean ? how to fix this ?





  • Hi


    How much time is alloted to complete the exam for Level 1 Certification? How many qusetions are there?