Clear the data for more than one period in one action button.



We have a module , need to clear data from the module based on Period selection but one more than period should be selected at one go.


One possible option is to copy zero value from a second module and select the period to clear while run time but this allows us to clear only one period in one run, so if I want to clear specific 6 month data, do I have to execute this action 6 times?

say for example, I have a check box line item where user selects only the periods which he wants to clear data and execute the action and Anaplan clears only those periods data.





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  • Misbah
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    If I understood you ask correctly, you can do it this way:


    Create a Line item which will clear out the data for the Periods Selected and more importantly store the data for the rest of the periods.And then you import the data into original line item.


    Lets say : You have a data in Module 1 Line item 1 and you want to clear out the data based on the periods selected. In this case create another Line item - Line item 2 and write a condition IF Time Boolean is checked(Module you might have already created to Check from which periods data needs to be cleared out) THEN 0 ELSE Line Item 1.


    Final Step is Import Line item 2 into Line Item 1



    Hope this helps.



  • For this, the best solution is to have a "utility" module that you can call

       SYSXX: Time Value Reset

    In this module you'll have a "value" line item, forced to 0 and a filter line item, boolean formatted.

    You user/admin can select which month they want to reset to 0 on this line item.

    Then apply this boolean as a filter on this module  on the time dimension and save the view as "User Selected Month to 0" for example.

    Your view should only show the month selected by the user.

    You can finally create an action that import from this module into your module with values. it will reset only the months showing in the source.

    You can then display the month selection and the action on a dashboard so users/admin can run it at will.


    Nathan Rudman
    Anaplan Model Builder
  • that would work but this method has a lot of overhead, copying all the periods everytime + a formula that links all the calc.
  • hello Nathan Rudman,

    Yes , I completely agree with you.
  • Just to add, you can create a line item formatted as No Data and use this as the source for the import.  This has the advantage of not taking up space, which is particularly important if you are trying to clear a large module with many line items


  • I didn't know that one, great point !

    I was usually creating these line items without dimensions when space maters.

  • Didn't know you could do that either. Thanks @DavidSmith.